Making Music Together

“Blow-a-5er” is a set of informal ensembles, designed to give community members an avenue to play their brass and woodwind instruments.  Meeting once a week for an hour, each group will be led by a local specialist instrumentalist and teacher.  No need to commit to each week, turn up as often as you like, the more you come, the better you get.


Who & Why

  • Open to people of all ages.

  • Open to people of all abilities.

  • No contract

    • casual commitment,

    • come when you can.

  • Social

    • Meet like-minded people

    • Enjoy making music with others

  • Improve your musicality

    • Work on fundamentals; intonation, blending, group playing

  • Engage your mind and body.

Each group will meet for 1 hour, with time at the end for tea/coffee, and biscuits.


Ultimately, I would like to have the following groups:

  • Flutes                                     - Led by:

  • Clarinets                                - Led by:

  • Saxophones                          - Led by:

  • Trumpets / French Horns   - Led by:

  • Low Brass                             - Led by: Nick               - Meets - Tuesdays 6:30pm

Commencing 22nd October 2019 the Low brass group will meet.  Other groups will commence at a later date.

Group leaders are at each rehearsal to guide and help build the participants playing skills and abilities.


Don’t have an instrument?  Come and speak to Nick at windSonus, he will do his best to find you one to hire/use.  windSonus also has a hire program, not all instruments are available, but our stock is growing.


Blow-a-5er, is an economical way for you to enjoy making music with like-minded people without the cost and hassle involved with many musical groups.  Rehearsal space is provided, so is suitable music.  For a very low cost of $5 a rehearsal that you attend.  If you don’t attend, then you don’t need to pay.


Groups will work on a wide variety of music within their rehearsals, based on the groups needs and desires.  If you have something you’d like to play then I encourage you to discuss that with your group leader.

Intersted in a group?

If your interested in attending a meet, interested in a group that isn't running yet either just participating or running or just want more information email Nick at windSonus.

0439 701 886

11/13 Evans Ave, North Mackay, Queensland 4740

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